The SYNAPS project is coordinated by Dr. Maximilien Vermandel, Associate Professor, medical physicist in the research unit U1189 ONCO-THAI (University of Lille - Inserm - University Hospital of [...]

Claire VICENTINI, PhD student in INSERM 1189 (ONCO-THAI), has received the first prize of the Bioderma Foundation for her work entitled: Evaluation of the dose delivered during the treatment of [...]

The healing fiber is on the agenda of the new issue of the WebTV universcience Watch the MP4 video here

The French Physics Society and the French Optics Society published on the occasion of the International Year of Light a light brochure and its applications Find more informations on the [...]

Two prizes were awarded at the IPA Conference (International Photodynamic Association) 2015. The ONCO-THAI works "Afolate-targeted photosensitizer to improve specificity of intraperitoneal [...]

Researchers from Lille have had the idea to create a luminous tissue to improve the current phototherapies used to treat skin cancers. Listen to the show onlineListen to the show online.

Here is a link to the Aviesan website, regarding a DVS Cancer article: Therapeutic Innovation in Cancerology

The Phase II study evaluating the non-inferiority of the Flexitheralight device compared to conventional phototherapy (PDT), whose investigator-coordinator is Prof. Laurent MORTIER - Department of [...]

Our presentation called "Different light sources for PDT" has received the "Award for Best Oral Presentation'", during the 13th Annual Congress of "The European Society for Photodynamic [...]