Thécua Elise

PhD student

Elise Thecua2

PhD student in Physics and dense media and materials

Since graduating as a HEI engineer in 2016, I was working as a research engineer in the laboratory OncoThAI. My missions included the development of medical devices incorporating light emitting fabrics dedicated to photodynamic therapy in onco-dermatology (European projects PHOS-ISTOS®, and regional iLatext®).

From 1th January 2019, I start a science thesis entitled "Design of a luminous textile dedicated to intracaval photodynamic therapy", funded by a CIFRE grant with MDB TEXINOV as an industrial partner.

This project is part of the development of new therapeutic solutions, and aims to develop a light emitting fabrics device flexible, deformable, lightweight, biocompatible and perfectly conformable to the operating cavities.